Listening time in analytics very much needed

Greetings. Please add an analytics option for us to know the listening time of each play of an episode and the total listening time for each episode and also the whole podcast. That way we will know when so the listeners drop off in an episode so what kind of topic they like and which they don't. Listener counts do not mean that they have heard the whole episode. So we actually don't know how much of the episode they have heard and how much they have not. We are in the blind actually without this info.

Google Podcasts already has it as described at:

Apple Podcasts has a total & avg listen time for each episode, etc. Even the free has episode performance which shows the average listen time per episode. And as you know, Youtube has the listening time for each episode and also total listening time.

This unique analytics feature will also make Castos very attractive for customers and advertisers alike. Thanks.


Under consideration Suggested by: Nitaai Kumar Upvoted: 08 Dec, '21 Comments: 0

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