Urgent: Series Podcasts RSS and Schema Links are Wrong

In Wordpress, I've noticed two crucial issues:

1) All podcast series RSS feeds link back to the default/main podcast URL despite the fact that we've indicated the series homepage URL.
2) Every page on the site contains HTML which points at the default/main podcast feed: <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Podcast RSS feed" href="https://somesite.com/feed/podcast">

In order to get a rich Google snippet where the podcast and recent episodes show up properly, Google says a podcast series landing page and RSS feed need to link to each other: https://support.google.com/podcast-publishers/answer/9890054

Issue 1) Right now, each of our series podcasts RSS feeds link back to the wrong podcast homepage (the main, not the series).

Issue 2) Every page on our site has the HTML linking to the wrong feed URL. So, even if I manually add the correct markup, the wrong will remain alongside.

This is a major issue in our eyes and the eyes of our client(s).


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