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Hi there. I'd love an ability to mark individual episodes as "explicit" or "clean," in addition to being able to label the show as a whole as explicit.

I've had people already question why an episode was marked as explicit when it was in fact clean. I think this turns away some potential listeners if they think the episode they want to listen to is explicit when it's not. I still am happy to mark the show, as a whole, "Explicit," just to warn people that I do curse in some episodes. But I think we should be able to have some episodes specifically be marked and others not, so that people can engage in the clean ones, if they don't want to listen to the otherrs.

Not having this feature sort of forces me into a place where I feel more compelled to label the show "Clean" overall so as to not ward off any listeners, but also don't want to trigger any Apple complaints from people who hear cursing on some episodes and flag me for it. So, I feel like a pretty big need.

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