Place links to your learning resources inside the UI of your logged-in area.

I liked the user experience of setting up a podcast; however, when I did not see any "getting started" content, i was a little bit surprised. I wanted to know (for example) how to distribute my podcast, and it was ambiguous as to whether or not this was a feature of the software, or something I would have to do myself. But when I went to the home page the other day, I _happened upon_ links to what looks like a cool and helpful academy of learning and engagement resources. I am sure you'll get more engagement there if you put links to this in your dashboard. It might be good to have this always on the side, but when someone creates a new podcast, to have a banner or something that says "Just getting started? Check out our resources..."

Under consideration Suggested by: Chris Burbridge Upvoted: 26 Oct, '21 Comments: 0

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